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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 1, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the images are staggering. last year's snow survey on the left, compared to today's on the right. now governor jerry brown is taking unprecedented action. >> i'm issuing an executive order, mandating substantial water reduction across our state. >> good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. california governor jerry brown issues a historic executive order that mandates a 25% reduction in urban water use, statewide. noel walker has been looking for ways to cut household water
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use. we begin with jana katsuyama. >> reporter: frank, the water district officials here say this caught them by surprise. in the past, state has given them advance warning, but this came out of the blue. now it's up to each local water district to figure out how to implement it. this sierra snow survey was like an april fool's joke. >> we're standing on dry grass, and we should be standing in five feet of snow. >> this is the first time since 1942 we've had zero snow at this location. >> sierra's snow is facing its fourth year of drought. that prompted governor jerry brown to issue this historic statewide cut. >> this executive order which i've seened today, it's long, it it covers a number of different details. >> reporter: the governor has directed the state water board to reduce statewide urban water
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use by 25%, compared to 20 13 levels. the cuts will last through february next year. the executive order calls for replacing 15 million square feet of lawns across the state with drought tolerant landscaping. it places restrictions on water use at commercial and industrial sights, golf courses, cemeteries, school campuses, and calls for a state rebate program to reduce water wasting appliances. the governor's executive order lays out the broad goals, but the difficult details fall to water officials. >> until we get some clarification on some elements of it, it's going to be a little bit gray. >> be warned, the degree could vary greatly depending on your
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water district. >> in contra costa, it's a much different climate than it is in say san francisco, or other parts of the state. it's important to reflect the local climate. >> reporter: this new order will also require local districts to report their water use, and enforcement to the state every month, the state water board is set to issue regulations sometime next week. >> we turn now to noel walker live in award. for many people, the question is how to cut back 25%. >> reporter: i know, it's a lot julie. there was no one we talked to who said they couldn't cut back more, but the how is the real stickler. landscaping is key. part of the order is to let center median barriers go brown. another sunny, chamber of commerce day in the bay area.
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but look closely. there's hardly enough would ther to cover the rocks in what qualifies as a creek. >> without no water, we have no work. >> reporter: his own lawn is no maintenance, rocks and concrete have replaced thirsty grass and plants. with the governor's order to conserve another 25%, there aren't a lot of places to turn off the taps, except one. >> it's the shower, and i waste a lot of water in there. >> reporter: 12-year-old carlos has lived with drought for a third of his life. but when he pulls back the shower curtain, he sees a stage. >> singing and dancing, and doing other stuff. >> reporter: his performance days are numbered. >> yeah. >> reporter: sophia ashley, many of the homes she passes
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near water view are already using less water. the sprinklers, and hoses are idle. lush lawns are few and far between. >> you have to put in money to switch to a different landscape. i don't know how most people would like to do that. >> reporter: for those who are already conserving, the question is, where to squeeze another drop. >> if you know, just let me know what i can do. >> reporter: if you're looking for ideas, the couple people we talked to said to keep an extra pot in the sink, and they use that extra water to water their houseplants. another gentleman says he doesn't do a lot of laundry, and the dishwasher is always full. >> it is the top story on our home page. california prison officials
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granted parole to one of the men involved in the kidnapping. james showenfeld is now 53 years old. they kidnapped the driver and 26 children. they were put in a moving van in an underground bunker. the bus driver and two children managed to escape. his parole is not guaranteed. the parole recommendation still has to be approved by governor brown, and that could take several months. kamala harris is putting her campaign for u.s. senate into high gear. she held a fundraiser tonight at the delancey street foundation in san francisco. several local and state democratic leaders were on the guest list. harris has no opposition from democrats so far.
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jeb bush is in the bay area raising money for a possible run for the white house. bush has events scheduled today and tomorrow. he's raising money for his super p.a.c. he may find push back in the bay area, because of his support for indiana's controversial religious freedom bill. wal-mart locations held rallies today outside stores, they were asking for a pay raise. they want $15 an hour. they also want wal-mart to offer consistent, full time schedules. demonstrators say workers at wal-mart stores in oaklandk and san leandro, fought to get their pay increase to $12.25 an hour. but they say that's not a living wage in the bay area, so they're asking for more. >> $12.25 is nice, but it's not enough. people are still not making enough to survive. we're going to keep on fighting, and pushing until people are making a living wage. >> the demonstrators allegation
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say they want shoppers to know that wal-mart didn't volunteer to raise their pay. they say the change only came about because workers pushed for it. new developments involving the woman accused of breaching security at the san jose airport. police identify her as diana priedell. her uncle said she's going through hard times. new fencing has already been ordered to increase security. >> authorities say this is the woman who hopped a fence at manetta yesterday. she was spotted by a ups worker and later arrested by police. >> i don't know what she was thinking. i don't know why she did what she did. it was a really dumb move. >> reporter: he wonders if her mother's house in arizona might have been her destination. he says she had hit a rough
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patch. >> i guess things weren't going as well. she moved to san francisco with her new boyfriend, broke up with her boyfriend and moved back. i guess the job working in san francisco didn't work out as well. >> reporter: this marks the fifth security breach in the past year. others include a serial stow away who successfully boarded a plane to l.a.x., and a teenager who made it all the way to hawaii. passengers find this disturbing. >> five times is five times too many. i think there's something just not right. >> reporter: airport officials say in this case, the breach was spotted quickly. >> that ups employee is very much part of the layers of security, within our airport and performed admirably in terms of how that person was trained. >> reporter: and the san jose mayor says security upgrades are in the works. there are plans to raise the fence height from 6 feet, to 10 feet with a foot of barbed wire
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on top. >> we've got fencing that's on order. i'm told that's been ordered several weeks ago. we've got $7.5 million worth of technology and fencing improvements that are going to be installed through the next budget cycle. >> reporter: her uncle isn't sure why she climbed the fence, only that she didn't need to. >> if she wanted to go on a plane, she just could have said, i want to go fly somewhere. we could have figured out a way to get her a plane ticket somehow. it's just dumb. dumb move. >> reporter: airport officials say they'll continue to test new technology options throughout the spring and summer. in san jose, ann reuben, ktvu, channel 2 news. also in san jose, the police department is preparing for tomorrow's public memorial service for officer michael johnson. he was shot and killed one week ago, while he was responding to a call about a potentially suicidal man threatening his wife. the public memorial service is set for 11:00 tomorrow morning at the s.a.p.
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center. streets in san jose, and los gatos will be closed for the prosession. it starts at 10:00 a.m. at the funeral home on north santa cruz avenue in los gatos. the public memorial will be followed by a private funeral for family members only in los gatos. if you'd like to watch the district tomorrow to officer johnson, we're going to carry the service, beginning at 11:00 a.m., we'll also be streaming it live on the price you pay for every day goods is going up. >> we're already paying so much in taxes for everything. >> the bay area cities now facing a 10% sales tax. also -- >> i'm tracking a wet weather system that could be headed our way. details on the chance of showers expected this holiday weekend. >> up next, an assault on a taxi driver. >> this guy starts hitting me from behind. >> we're talking with the victim. what he's revealing about the attack, and the unusual weapon
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at subway, a great meal starts with a great sandwich on the new "simple 6 menu." with six of our best six-inch subs, like the tender turkey breast plus any bag of chips and a 21-ounce drink for just $6 every day. from polite passenger to aggressive attacker. a violent assault on a san francisco taxi driver. the ride started pleasant, with the taxi driver offering to save money by taking a
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different route. >> reporter: he feels lucky that the assailant didn't land any more hits go this. it's a metal padlock. the passenger started hitting the cabbie in the head as the taxi traveled down market street. ben is behind a desk tonight. >> 216, you want to try it? you're in the tender loin. >> reporter: as a dispatcher for a national cab company in san francisco. earlier, the taxi driver was out on the road, trying to make a living when he was suddenly attacked. >> other than getting hit by a drunk driver in 2010, that was the worst it's ever been. >> reporter: he stopped to pick up a young man at 7th and townsend. the passenger asked to go to the b.a.r.t. station at 5th and market. he offered to get him to b.a.r.t. faster. >> if you're just going to b.a.r.t., there's a b.a.r.t. station even closer just straight ahead. >> for real? >> yeah.
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>> want to just go there? >> yeah. >> thank you. >> that will save you a couple bucks. >> reporter: the passenger says right on. a few seconds later, it's on, and he starts swinging with a metal padlock in his right hand. >> [bleep] >> reporter: he was trying to fight off the attacker while the car was still moving. >> i'm so lucky, he only hit me once or twice. he landed two or three, and only hit me once or twice with that lock. >> reporter: once the vehicle was stopped, he jumped out. so did the assailant. >> i'm so lucky that he took off running, rather than trying to confront me some more. >> reporter: he believes the man, 19 to 23 years old, was after the phones he keeps on the dashboard. he didn't get away with any of them. and he hopes he doesn't get away with the assault either. he's thankful for the dash camera footage, putting a face on his attacker. >> i'm hoping putting the video out there will dissuade people
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from doing this in the future. your face is going to be on the news. hey, don't try to rob a cab driver. >> reporter: the man was tall, with a thin build, white, latino, possibly asian, and mentioned something about living near the fruitville b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. police are looking to see if he pops up on their surveillance footage. >> the attack seemed unprovoked. >> reporter: it did, one man he's till telling the driver thank you, and the next, he's let hitting him with the bad lock. he could tell something wasn't right when he was reaching down for the floor mat. he told me he has a new policy. he says he will no longer allow single passengers to sit behind him. instead, they'll have to sit behind the passenger seat. >> a good policy, and that surveillance camera could be very helpful in finding out who that young man was.
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heather, thank you. criminal charges were dismissed today against two homeless men in berkely, who were arrested after a fight with two downtown hospital ambassadors. it was this video that led to the charges being dropped. it shows a male ambassador there, repeatedly striking one of the homelessmen. a female ambassador appeared to be giving orders to a second man. the ambassadors initially told police it was the homeless man who had made threats, and assaulted them. but after looking at this video, prosecutors realize that wasn't true. the male ambassador has since been fired. the female a.ambassador has been suspended. a 20% rent increase. the tenants gathered outside their building on bisle avenue. they say they're upset with their landlord by increasing rent about $200 a month.
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>> the rent increases too much. that's the reason why we are fighting. >> reporter: the tenants say they're going on a rent strike, and plan to only pay what was charged to them before the increase. in oakland, a hotel says it's making changes, but residents tell us it's not enough. if you went to a store anywhere in alameda county today, you may have noticed that the sales tax went up. rob roth tells us what it's going to be used for. >> reporter: this shopper didn't appreciate having to pay the highest sales tax in california at 10%. >> we're already paying so much in taxes for everything. >> reporter: workers say they've been hearing it from customers even before the tax increase took effect. >> there have been customers saying they don't want to shop
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in san leandro. >> san leandro, is one of five cities who's sales tax rose to 10%. while those are the highest, all cities in alameda county saw sales taxes increase by at half percent today. the increase comes after voters approved a sales tax hike to raise money for transportation projects. >> i think we all have to pay our fair share and make things work for a city like a community. that's why i'm for it. i'm not rich. >> reporter: san leandro voters also approved public streets and parks. the city manager says he doesn't believe the sales tax increase will drive away business. >> there obviously have been concerns. in the big scheme of things,
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it's a bad business climate, and we want to create a great business client. we heard about the alarming snowpack study. another way to look at this across the state. statewide, just 5% of average for april 1. really not much snow in the forecast coming up in the next few days. in terms of bay area rainfall, thankfully, we had a very active december. the numbers still below average. san francisco, 76. san jose with 11.8 inches since october at 90% of average. we'll be dry for tomorrow. you can see a few high clouds. we're going to keep an eye on this system as we head into the second half of the weekend for easter. for now, mostly clear skying, and dropping temperatures. 46, pretty chilly in napa right now. 46degrees. san jose, 54. and san francisco 54. now winds are a big issue all day long. they have been backing off a bit, but still a bit of a
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breeze out there. winds in most areas 10 to 15 miles an hour. forecast lows, first thing tomorrow morning, we're bringing 30s back in the picture for santa rosa, and napa. widespread 40s for san francisco, san jose, and morgan hill. here's a break down for you, thursday morning, partly cloudy, and cool. temperatures in the upper 30s, to the upper 40s. readings in the low 60s, all the way to the low 70s. coming up, we'll take a look at your weekend forecast, and could be talking about a few rain showers in the five day outlook. thank you. a tall ship that appeared in the movie pirates of the caribbean, curse of the black pearl is now docked in redwood city. the lady washington sailed in along with the hawaiian chieftain. the ships are open to the public. battle reenactment cruises are also scheduled this weekend and the following saturday. the ships are based in
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aberdeen, washington, and are used for hands on training for students. the more comfortable he becomes, more overconfident he might be. >> the places being targeted, and why police say they think the robber probably lives in town, but first -- >> a popular bay area place may lose its home.
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new at 10:00, a bay area preschool facing eviction. the kid's club antioch is losing its lease, and is looking for a new home. tonight, worried parents met to discuss their options. in antioch tonight where working parents say they're going to be lost without this preschool.
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>> reporter: frank, we're at kids club preschool. it's on property owned by the antioch unified school district. the lease expires in about two months, leaving parents and staff at a loss as to what to do. kids club preschool, a private nonprofit is a place for preparation for these 3 and 4- year-olds. they're learning skills to help them get along with other children. >> my son, instead of fighting all the time, or this is my toy, they're sharing more. >> reporter: now the school itself is preparing for a fight to keep its doors open. it is looking for a way to continue to operate, even though it's landlord, the antioch unified school district gave them notice a year ago, it was not renewing the 10 year lease. it expires june 30. >> scared, sad. really worried, just a lot of
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emotions. i caught myself in tears earlier today, just thinking about what's going to happen. >> reporter: 300 children from primarily low income families. many learn english here at the preschool. during a public meeting tonight, kids club's executive director, mark mockski talked about a plan that includes four options. try to negotiate and extend the lease. use vacant building or property owned by the school district. look for a chairitiable landlord, or secure a sponsor. >> can work together for a solution. >> reporter: the school district wants the property back for its own programs, that could include one for special education. the superintendent says the district has offered alternate sites. >> i would encourage the kids club administration to continue conversations with the property owners that we've identified, and encourage them to look at
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those properties. >> reporter: parents tell me they only learned about the looming closure this week. 4-year-old allaina didn't speak until a few months ago. her mother skies her as a delayed learner, and credits teachers here for her daughter's progress. >> for us to lose this school, i don't know what we'll do. we don't have a lot of options around here. >> reporter: jessica page says the school has been flexible in helping her family. >> being a full time working mom, and single parent, it's hard to kind of find the resources that you need. >> reporter: the preschool is optimistic it will be able to remain open, or at a new site with the community's help. >> you have to feel for those parents, let's hope they can find a solution here. amber lee in antioch. thank you. a bay area hotel accused of unsafe, and unsanitary conditions. >> is the city giving this place a pass? >> no. it's just more complicated.
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>> 2 investigates showed you the conditions a couple of months ago. up next, we go back to that building, where residents say despite some improvements, not muff is being done -- not enough is being done.
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tonight, 2 investigates returns to a bay area hotel. the imperion towers -- >> the question is, did that make a difference? >> reporter: on top of that, some say the city just isn't following through on some of
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those code violations by making the owners of the hotel pay any fines. new video shared with 2 investigates shows what tenants say they're still facing. even a trip to the bathroom. >> closing the door. >> reporter: is risky at this hotel. >> now she can't get out again, because the doorknob is broken. the only way to get her out is from the outside. >> it's one of several videos recorded in february at the imperial towers by a nonprofit group of attorneys, representing tenants who live here. >> a vacant room, nailed shut. >> thank you. >> reporter: 2 investigates went undercover and booked a room at the hotel in january. since then, hotel management patched holes in the walls, and cleaned up garbage in the hallways, but a chorus of current residents. >> it's all cosmetic. it's all painted over.
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>> putting a band aid over a gash. >> when i came here, i was shocked. >> reporter: the most serious problems at the hotel remain. the elevator is still broken, or at least off limits to tenants. bergmann has to take the stairs to the third floor. >> how is it getting up and down every day? >> i fell. i fell three weeks ago. i was sore for three weeks. >> reporter: over a few days in late february, not long after 2 investigates first report, records show oakland code enforcement issued 20 notices of violation, to the imperion towers. broken smoke detectors, broken faucets, cracked windows, and more than 90 other violations. some of which have been fixed. but the city had issued just 4 violation notices to the hotel all of last year. despite all of the problems, oakland's director of planning and building, rachel flynn, actually commended management.
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>> they're going in apartment by apartment to get everything up to code, and it's actually working. so this is one of those success stories where it came to our attention, we have knowledge about how to get a building up to code, and maintain it properly, and we have a cooperative owner who's allowing us in. >> reporter: the same owner who dodged 2 investigates questions in january, and hasn't returned our calls since then. tenants say she's ignored their complaints for years. >> the inspector has been to the same unit, two, three, four times. shouldn't there be some enforcement that goes beyond a notice? >> you would think so, but sometimes someone will do some patchwork. in the meantime, we say okay, then something new comes up. >> reporter: have fines ever been issued to the imperion towers? >> i don't know. lots of units. lots of players. >> is the city giving this place a pass?
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>> no. it's just more complicated. >> reporter: amy insists the city should be doing more. >> one of the things we would like to see is a receivership put in place here, so that somebody, a third party, could step in, and help facilitate the repairs, take control of the building. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: we caught up with the city inspector when he returned home last week. >> you're not allowed to be on the tv, that's part of our policy. >> reporter: can you tell us why fines have not been issued? >> there's good reasons. >> reporter: even fewer reasons for the motel manager in the lobby. >> can we just talk to you about the conditions over here? >> you have to talk to our attorney. >> we've been reaching out for a long time, and haven't been able to get comments from anybody. don't you think people here deserve a response about what your doing? >> reporter: while workers scrambled before this re- inspection. she pointed out more problems with her sink, and bathroom window. she and her husband say the
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repairs managers have made hardly amount to a success story. >> they're just doing enough to get by. just to satisfy that guy. >> reporter: i can tell you when the inspectioner finished that visit to the hotel, we were waiting outside, he acknowledged there were still violations that haven't been resolved, but he insisted hotel management is moving in what he called a positive direction. >> it's such a big building, and has so many units. in your last report, you introduced us to a single mom and her two kids. how are they doing? >> reporter: you might remember, the ktvu viewers really stepped it up to raise thousands of dollars for this family after i told their story. i did just talk to the mom, nicole yesterday. she tells us, they're still in the hotel. she says they are actively looking for a better place to live, as we all know, housing is so expensive in the bay area. she doesn't want to get them in a place that the family can't afford long term, then they end up right back where they started. >> it will be interesting to
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see another three months. i imagine you're going to follow up again whether the improvements are made. >> reporter: we'll see. >> if you have a tip for 02 investigates team, you can can't us. email 2 investigates or call 510-874-0222. ♪ [ music ] ♪ windy conditions around the bay area today, and warmer weather is around the corner, but i'll tell you about the chance of showers. >> first, another religious freedom bill, but with a different response. why the governor of arkansas says he won't sign it into law just yet.
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in los angeles, police say andrew getty died of natural causes. he was 47 years old, he was the son of gordon getty, and he was the grandson of j paul getty, who founded getty oil. his body was found in the hollywood hills yesterday afternoon. recent court documents say he was battling a serious health condition. the mother of the woman who found him, says getty had been
10:40 pm
diagnosed with a brain aneurism, and hasn't been eating or sleeping well over the last few days. john lennon's son julian announced his mother, cynthia lennon died today. at first, the beatle's manager tried to keep the marriage quiet out of concerns of how the fans would react. the two later split when john lennon began dating yoko ono. today, paul mccartney said today is a sad day, she was a lovely lady who i've known since our beginning days in liverpool. republican governor hutchinson said he would not sign the religious freedom restoration act in its current form. >> this is a bill that in ordinary times would not be
10:41 pm
controversial. but these are not ordinary times. >> arkansas no doubt wants to avoid the mountains of criticism indiana received when it passed the religious freedom bill last week. critics say it legalizes discrimination of lgbt americans. diplomats say it is make or break time for the iran nuclear negotiations going on in switzerland. talks could continue tomorrow or later. the u.s. and five other nations are working on a deal that would limit iran's nuclear program, and its ability to build a nuclear weapon, in exchange for reducing sanctions against iran. french officials say they're close to the finish line, but that the toughest issues still remain. wall street started a new month with losses. the dow dropped 77 points, but had been down almost 200 earlier in the day. analyst blamed weaker than expected economic reports. there were some pranks on the internet today for april
10:42 pm
fools' day, and tesla had one of the best. >> it will employ counter measures. the wind shield wipers and washers will be activated. >> the model s will enter ticket avoidance mode, and drive around the park. it will then return and park itself. april fools. another twist in an kidnapping investigators call a hoax. >> and we're tracking a chance of showers for easter weekend. the complete bay area forecast. >> plus, five businesses robbed in just six days. the efforts tonight in one bay area city to find a man wearing a mask who is responsible.
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petaluma police say one man is responsible for a string of robberies in recent days, a and as ktvu's mike mibach tells us, officers are determined to catch him before someone gets hurt. >> reporter: petaluma, population 60,000. good food, family parks and now home to a wave of armed robberies. five locations in the last six days, detective sergeant ed crosby is on the case. >> the more these occur, the more overconfident he might be. >> reporter: crosby says the robber who covers his face first hit on march 25. three times that date. a quick stop, then 45 minutes later and a mile away, it was this velero gas station. seven hours later, he did not hit a convenience store, he did
10:46 pm
not hit a gas station, instead he went right into a market deep inside to the pharmacy. >> the clothing is more distinct. what he was after was different. he wasn't after money, he was after codeine. >> reporter: both within a mile of each other in the downtown area. >> he hasn't again outright displayed what was a weapon. but if he's referring to having a weapon, we're going to take him at his word. if there's something that doesn't go the way he plans, it could escalate to a situation where he gets hurt. >> reporter: will he strike again? in petaluma, mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. a person claiming to be part of a group that kidnapped a 29-year-old woman from vallejo for ransom is now backing away from a threat made in a recent email.
10:47 pm
last week, vallejo police say the kidnapping of denise huskins was an orchestrated hoax. then the san francisco chronicle said it received an email from an anonymous person threatening police, and demanding $8,500 in ransom. two days later, denise huskins turned up unharmed at her father's home in huntington beach. gusty winds all day long today, especially at the coast, and right along the bay. those winds have been decreasing just a little bit. right now, we had a few light clouds across the region earlier today, but basically right now, we have partly cloudy skies, or a few or mostly clear observations as well. with the clearing skies, temperatures have been dropping off quite a bit. here's a live doppler sweep. not picking up any rainfall. that could be changing in the next few days. we'll talk about that in a little bit. take a look at these numbers.
10:48 pm
46degrees in napa. hayward, 54. san francisco checking in 54 degrees. our live camera out towards the bay bridge here. you can see all the calm conditions on the bay. we had choppy conditions out there earlier this afternoon. tonight, still a bit of a breeze out there. tomorrow, a cold start to the day, but fair skies. as far as the temperature timeline in san jose for thursday at 7:00, those readings in the mid-40s, on track to reach lower 70s by about 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. here's the overall weather pattern. high pressure rebuilding just a little bit. with that for thursday and friday, cold mornings, with some patchy frost, but then fair skies into the afternoon hours. , it will be mild to warm. more clouds, there is a chance for a shower first thing sunday morning, nothing too heavy, nothing too widespread. we could have a scattered shower out there. definitely temperatures cooling off near 60 degrees, or upper 50s for sunday, and into
10:49 pm
monday. here's our forecast model showing you clear skies thursday, clear skies friday. saturday increasing clouds, some rain bands offshore. this could be the source of those sunday showers for the morning hours. forecast highs, could bring them up a little bit for tomorrow. that means more 70s out there for santa rosa, walnut creek, and livermore. more neighborhoods with 73 in san jose. santa cruise 74. san francisco in the mid-60s, 65 degrees. baseball back at at&t park for tomorrow. first pitch after 7:00 with the a's and the giants, the preseason continues here in the bay area, wrapping things up. temperatures in the upper 50s. a look ahead, your five-day forecast. temperatures up a little bit into friday. no big changes, weekend, more clouds. chancesser scattered showers sunday. a slight chance monday. and maybe more rain clouds for early next week. >> let's hope so. the san francisco giants offered a preview of what fans can expect in the upcoming season at at&t park.
10:50 pm
of course, there are those three world series trophies. boy, they're beautiful. the fans also have more choices for food, including gluten free food. and the giants will also have special bobblehead giveaways, featuring moments from last year's game 7 world series within. their home opener is monday, april 13. >> almost here. mark's here now. tell us about the sharks. it's a long shot, but there is hope. >> i'd call it desperation time. an afterthought of the time when they're usually barging into the playoffs, the sharks trying to remain at least mathematically alive for the postseason birth. big picture numbers don't look good. tonight, they add up just fine. a shot on goal at the tank. you'll see scott hannon redirecting beautifully, 1-0 lead in the 2nd period. 13 straight times they've beat the avs in san jose. they do it again tonight.
10:51 pm
2-1 sharks. logan couturier, sensational pass. patty marlo will tuck it into the net. two empty netters for the sharks. five games left. it is a big of a long shot. yes, you can go back home again, and chris mullen, dead set on proving just that as he leaves sunny california for not only his home state, but his alma mater in new york, st. john's. he played with the 1985 team there that made it to final four. he spoke to alumni, and students at his introduction today. no script, no teleprompter. just words from the heart. >> it's great to be home. [ applause ] i'm going to work hard to be the best basketball coach i can be. and win as many games as possible. i'm going to try and win every single game, you can guarantee
10:52 pm
that. >> can't help but root for that guy. first time ever as a coach. the a's, meanwhile, the giants too, closing out the cactus league in fine style, and are both back in the bay. the warriors relax while the team they whipped last night, gets shoved around a little bit in portland. getting pushy. sports part 2, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ for those who appreciate quality
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your warriors fun factor for the night. they have won 16 games, the knicks have won 14 games all year. the team that the warriors dusted last night for win number 61, a little dust up. tonight, cayman, a former teammate of chris paul, shoves him. no ejections, but big baby glen davis also winds up going down. no ejections, and back to the game itself. chris paul had the last laugh. 41 points, 17 assists. the blazers go down on their home court. could it be billy bean actually knows what he's talking about? he put the a's in a panic with the off-season deals. their fans anyway.
10:56 pm
seemingly has them in a good direction and they've been playing good ball all spring. jolting another. his 6th of the spring, breaks a 1-1 tie against the angels. 6th inning, jb sportman, young outfielder also goes deep. the highlight, watch the fan beyond the left center field wall. that's a good catch. it is a 4-1 win for the a's. the giants have really tuned up their act over the last week or so, as they head north. matt duffy looks like a pretty good shot to make the team. a two run homer. 5-2 over the indians. madison bumgarner in his last work before he opens the giants season, 4 innings, gave up only 1 run. that's the sporting life. >> mark, thank you. thank you for joining us tonight. our coverage continues on >> have a great evening, everyone. we'll see you tomorrow. good night. >> good night.
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oh, i hope tad likes salmon. it's a bit of a risk serving fish to a first-time diner at dunphy's. maybe i should marinate a steak for backup. i think someone has a man crush. first of all, i would never date a potential client. that's "first of all"? secondly, i really need this to go well so he makes me his realtor. this guy's flipping properties like they're extras in a kung fu movie. so you're just kissing up to this guy for his money? not just. i really like him. he travels the world doing charity work rock climbs, flies planes... how does he have time to do all that? got divorced and his whole life opened up. guy's living the dream. his dream. not my dream. i'm living my dream. you're my dream. you can stop. i so don't want to do this. recently, haley got a little creative on one of her college applications and listed h


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